Fujifilm X70


I have recently started using my Fujifilm X70 again and I am rediscovering the delights of this little gem. First of all some history. I have owned 3 of these cameras. The first of which I sold soon after buying it mainly due to the fact that I could not see the LCD screen very [...]

Fujifilm X702020-08-31T11:04:45+01:00

Gear Review – Sony RX100 ii


Gear Review - Sony RX100 ii First of all I must state that this is not intended to be a technical review of this camera. There are plenty of those out on the web and they go in to far more detail than I would ever care to.  This is a hands on, how it [...]

Gear Review – Sony RX100 ii2018-03-18T17:33:15+00:00
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