I went along to the 2018 Photography Show in Birmingham.  I usually avoid these events since experience tells me they are full of stuff that I neither want or need.  True enough the exhibition hall was full of, for me at least, uneccessary and mostly extremely expensive equipment that I would more than likley never use.  I did enjoy looking at all those people wandering around with their heavy SLR’s and huge lenses though, and felt comforted by the fact I was very happy with my little Fuji X-series setup.

The main reason for going to the event was because one of the photographers I really admire was speaking.  Ami Vitale is an American photographer I have been watching for a few years now.  I love her simple approach with an emphasis on making a connection with the people in your images rather than banging on about the gear all the time. If you have not already seen it she has a great class up on the Skillshare web site – click here to view – it’s well worth taking the time to view it.

So back to the show, I spent several hours wandering around, really trying to find something to buy.  I felt that I should at least make some effort but after about 6 hours going round and round there was nothing.  I resigned myself to the fact that as a street photographer, who likes to travel light, often with nothing more that a single body and a prime lens, there was nothing I needed.

So I headed out, but just as I did something caught my eye. It was a tiny black canvas strap with a simple, but sturdy clip on the end. I later learned this was made by a company called Blackrapid and this particular strap was known as the ‘Street’. It allows you to wear your camera across the shoulder with the camera itself settling nicely at the base of the strap at a comfortable height dictated by you by adjusting the strap accordingly. Access to the camera is instant by just grabbing it at your side and sliding it up the strap to your eye.  As someone with an historic neck injury, even a small camera with a more traditional neck strap can become uncomfortable after a few hours so I was really hopeful that this Blackrapid Street was going to be the solution.

I bought one!  I did try it out for a couple of hours today and early signs are positive.  I may do a more in depth review once I have had more of a chance to use it.