Dawn breaks on the reality of another day of isolation. It’s getting serious now, nearly 800 deaths in one day alone in Italy yesterday. This tsunami of death is about to hit the UK and I think people are finally realising it.

For weeks the world has looked on in disbelief at the blasé attitude taken in the UK in relation to this coronavirus outbreak. The next few weeks and months will be the reckoning.

It’s too late to do anything but lock ourselves away from each other and hope that if we do get it, or rather when we get it, our immune systems are strong enough to get us through it.

Each night all we can do is watch our esteemed leader, like ‘The Reaping’ in ‘The Hunger Games’, give out the next set of orders we are all to abide by, and hope that with it comes some small offering to keep us all from starvation.

The world is already a very different place from only a few weeks ago. I wonder how this will change it. When it is all over, if it ever will be, will we be any different. Will we look at life in a different way and value the little things more. I doubt it. I suspect that once we have a vaccine which gives us the freedom to carry on fucking everything up we will continue to do so.

Farewell for now fellow shooters. Our time is precious but being out of the streets is now a game of Russian Roulette and one that I for now at least am not prepared to play.