Project Description

Your 1-month project

For this project you might try going to two, three, or even four different places, one each weekend of the month perhaps, or whenever possible.  They might be different towns or cities, or just different parts of the same city. What you are going to try and do is show a sense of place in your shots by again working on the five general point of view ‘categories’ that will help you think about how to frame your shots and prompt you to look from different angles.

This is where travel photography meets street photography.  I am a great believer that the two are very closely linked.  Good travel photography gives you a sense of a place via the image of the environment in which it is taken, and this often means the shots have some elements that could traditionally be regarded as street photography.

So, for this project we are again going to use the 5 categories from the previous project idea but this time what you are trying to do is give the viewer of your images a real feeling of the place the images were taken.

These categories are again as follows.

1. Birds eye view (get high and shoot down, perhaps a roof top, a bridge, even the top deck of a bus!)
2. Off the beaten track (wander and explore, find something remarkable around a hidden corner, off the tourist trail)
3. Middle of the road – converging / leading lines (mind the traffic! It need not be the actual road, just a point of view where you can accentuate the perspective within the shot using the elements in the frame)
4. Signs of life (usually means getting a lot of people in your shot, frantic activity, noise, hustle & bustle)
5. The postcard shot (the iconic image, the one that shouts to the viewer ‘YES I WANT TO GO THERE’)

Again, try to experiment with the light. Shoot from multiple angles, shoot with the light behind you, get a shot with light from the side and another coming straight at you.

Shooting Street
1. Street Photography
2. Cameras, Lenses & Accessories
3. General Technique
4. The Shoot - Tips & Tricks
5. Projects & Ideas
6. Post Processing & The Digital Darkroom
Resources / Acknowledgements

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