Project Description

A single day project

This project is designed to help you shoot a series of images which can either be based on your theme from the previous section or be completely unrelated.  The idea is that it will just help you to think about your shooting angles and your point of view in relation to your subject.

This works particularly well if you travel somewhere new and find yourself just wandering around and exploring.  Equally the project can be done in the very place you live. Try to get shots which relate to all 5 of the suggested categories and which capture the ‘feeling’ of wherever it is that you are shooting.  The shots do not necessarily all have to include people, but people can often help give a deeper meaning and sense of place to an image.

Interpret the 5 categories anyway you like. I do not want to dictate to you their meaning.  It’s fine if they suggest different things to different people. Remember the idea is just to work the creative muscle, get you to think differently and approach your subject in a more experimental and imaginative way.

So, here are the 5 suggested categories / views to think about on your single day project.  Go out and come back with a set of images that relate to…

1. Birds eye view
2. Off the beaten track
3. Middle of the road – converging / leading lines
4. Signs of life
5. The postcard shot – the iconic image

Now to make it a little more challenging.  Do all of the above where possible using front light, back light and side light for each of them whenever you have the opportunity to ‘work’ the scene.

At the end of the day you might have fired off hundreds of shots but out of all of those pick no more than 15.  That’s 3 images for each of the 5 categories, one each lit from the front, one from the back and another lit from the side.

This is quite a task for a single day so do not worry if you do not get all of those shots.  It’s not a competition. Do not take shots for the sake of ticking the boxes.  Get images that you think will work, and that hopefully you will be happy with. Spend longer on the project if you think it worthwhile.  Two days, three, even more if you find that it is helping you. Nobody is going to check your work afterward, there is no exam at the end. You are your own critic.

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