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Travel Photography Project

This is one to do if you ever get the chance to grab a long weekend away or for when you go on holiday. You might have to agree a day or two away from the family, but you are a street photographer, this is important creative work, they will understand!

In order to capture the essence of a city, to get a sense of place, it helps to include the people that inhabit the space in your photograph.  This usually means street style, often candid shots of the people living in the environment, together with incorporating enough of the surroundings to allow the viewer to see, and if you have been particularly successful even feel what the place might be like.

This is where travel photography and street photography in my view, cross over – try and get people in your shots that give a sense of place, a sense of where they are – this makes for better travel/street photography by providing a deeper meaning for the viewer.

It will also often mean that you see areas of the place you are visiting that you may not otherwise have gone.  Wander around, turn corners, walk the alleyways and streets with a sense of wonder and be constantly on the lookout for images that convey what you are feeling.

The idea is that you capture a set of images that when viewed by someone who has not visited the place give them a sense of being there, and hopefully even a wish to go there.

I keep coming back to it but my 5 suggested categories / views to capture are always good to use as pointers for the types of shots and angles to be looking for, and they are particularly relevant to street style travel photography.

1. Birds eye view
2. Off the beaten track
3. Middle of the road – converging / leading lines
4. Signs of life
5. The postcard shot – the iconic image

Have these in mind while you wander around a place, shoot several images for each of the 5 categories and there is a pretty good chance you will have achieved the goal of this particular project.

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