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Shooting Street

A practical and philosopical guide to shooting great street photography

About the author

Andrew Turner is a UK based photographer, designer and author. Just about every spare moment he has is spent wandering the streets of wherever he happens to be, camera in hand.

Andrew runs street photography workshops throughout the year in various locations. Check the resources page at the end of the book for more details.

A word from Andrew

I wrote this book originally with the intention of publishing it as a PDF download and of course charging a fee for it.  As time went on I concluded that I would feel much better if I simply made it available for free.

If you find this book interesting and useful, all I ask is that you tell your friends and spread the word through your social media channels, and please consider making whatever donation you can to a fund created to help photographers around the world dedicate time to interesting and often essential projects.

More details of the fund can be found at

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Shooting Street
1. Street Photography
2. Cameras, Lenses & Accessories
3. General Technique
4. The Shoot - Tips & Tricks
5. Projects & Ideas
6. Post Processing & The Digital Darkroom
Resources / Acknowledgements